About Us


E-Unison Stationery Sdn Bhd , has succeed as a strong business partner, providing the most complete world wide well known original brand of Office Stationeries, Papers and Computer Supplies; Max, Pentel, Pilot, Schwan-Stabilo, Artline and many more for over 30 years. We are a commercial enterprise which furnishes both companies and individuals, aiming to provide to the customer an outstanding service, an excellent product variety and economical terms of trade with the assistance of a powerful team unit of employees competing for a common goal:  their own benefit and the benefit of the company as whole.




Unison Trading Co. was founded by Mr. Albert Wee in 1975; building on the solid foundation laid by his late father, Mr. Albert Wee has worked to strengthen Unison Trading Co’s position in the Malaysian market even further through an increased selection of high quality inventory and customer services. In 2004, E-Unison Stationery Sdn Bhd (“E-Unison”) was established to provide for the growing needs of the community even further. With the edition of this new company, a new online E-Catalog was to further enhance our services to the community.



Our deep industry knowledge enables us to help clients address issues specific to their businesses and provides the capacity and capability to help ensure we continue to serve our clients extraordinarily well.

People -- We are dedicated to ensure every client is well served. Our highly skilled personnel are recognized the world over for their innovation, responsiveness and flexibility.

Service Excellence Dashboard -- Service Excellence is our heart and soul, the critical gene in the company culture. It's how we continue to meet - and exceed - our commitments.

Industry Expertise -- We deliver quality products at competitive price with superior services that demonstrate we understand our clients' needs.


delivering value for clients drives everything that we do.



E-Unison Stationery Sdn Bhd manages more than 350 customer relationships and serving more than 1 million clients annually, many of them are reputable in their respective industries. Our philosophy embraces building long-term relationships with customers who appreciate our value-added specialty products. As a supplier, E-Unison Stationery Sdn Bhd is a long-term business partner who meets challenges, services superiority, delivers products at competitive prices, is committed to quality and makes every effort to satisfy expectation.